Artificial Intelligent Machine

A serial webnovel by Trygve Thevik

"Some spend all their years looking for the meaning of life, their destiny. Others merely stumble upon it, unintentionally changing the course of the tree of time as they either pursue or flee from this destiny."
Young James Morpheus move from Earth in order to start a new life at a space station. As he tries to get his life straight, the galaxy is slowly headed down a road of darkness. What role will James play in the events that are unfolding?
What is AIM? It's a novel published online, one chapter being written every week. The correct term would be serial novel. You can compare it to a webcomic, if you're more familiar with those that is, without the pictures.
The story will mainly focus on James' life on the station, so expect a science fiction slice-of-life story, with some action, galactic intrigues and fantasy mixed in for extra spice. There will also be small amounts of sexual content, not explicit, mind you, but the novel might not be suited for younger readers because of this. 
That said, please enjoy my tale.